January 26, 2011
By Anonymous

Racism, what do we know about it? Were taught it’s wrong it hurts others feelings were taught to not do it. In this day and age things have changed people are equal, well except that discrimination exists and we can’t ignore it. People get discriminated all the time because of race. For example a Muslim man goes on an airplane, he isn’t doing anything wrong just flying but because of his race there may be people who give him weary glances. Is it his fault? Of course not. Is it theirs? Well if you think about it, we are told to learn from the past. So after 9/11 were cautious but were does cautious cross the line of racism and discrimination. When does the security become too much that it crosses the line, What happens when a police man stops someone who is of different race or is not well dressed with a not good car compared to a man well dressed white and with a nice car, well he is a lot more likely to pull someone over not as well dressed with not as nice of a car it’s not fair because both of them could be equal in crime or in innocents., is it the police mans fault? No it is his job to profile people and to keep everyone safe is it right? Maybe not is it racism and discrimination? Yes it is, because weather it’s fair or not. There is racism in everywhere. I’m sure you could find a case where racial profiling saved someone, or the one doing the profiling was right. But what did they have going for them when they stopped the person, his race? Racism is hate and in turn hate is ugly, what happened in our history with other races is a spot on our country we will never get clean, the least we could do now was to end racism and discrimination. Don’t you think?

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write about this because learning about racism today in my American Government class upset me about what a big issue it is and how much it still happens, maybe on a smaller scale than it used to be but it is still wrong

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