My Hero

January 26, 2011
Everyone has a hero. Some people might say Superman; or batman. You may even hear “my mom” or “my dad”. How often do you hear, My Grandmother? Well. You will hear that now. My Grandmother is my hero. No matter what it may be, I feel I can always tell my grandmother anything. I can trust her with every secret I have. If there was one thing I wish I could tell her, to her face, that is. It would be, “You can change my day. If I am having a down day, just talking to you makes it so much brighter.” There is much more to that statement than the words that are in it. If I am crying, she will hold me. If I want just a simple hug, she will hug me. Yeah, sure, my mom has been here for me. But she is so defensive about stuff. And another thing about my Grandmother…. I can complain to her about anyone; or anything for that matter. She is the one person that inspires me. I could sit here all day and say wonderful things about this woman. She told me one day, “You are the one I want to go through my jewelry when I die.” I didn’t know what to say, or how to react. I felt so… honored. She wanted me of all people to do such a task. When I asked why, all she said was, “You know the important pieces. And you love all my jewelry; I know you’ll give them to the right people.” I know I will too. I hate to be so sad and straight forward, but when she dies, I do believe that will be the hardest thing I will ever have to go through, other than my mother’s death. I hope that both of these deaths aren’t until many, many years from today. My grandmother has taught me so many things; so many lessons. I hope that when I have grandchildren, I will be as great as she is. When I was a little child, she would hold me. If my mother and I got into an argument, my grandmother would be in her blue recliner chair and open her arms. Immediately, I would go running into them and she would gently pull me into her lap. These are the things I cherished as a child. These are the things I miss about being a child. The scent of my grandmother’s Imari lingering into my nose as I dozed off in her lap was the best part about it. I remember sitting on our set of twin beds in the corner bedroom. We would watch ER and Seinfeld every Friday night. Either during or after, or sometimes before, we would play with our teddy bears or make sock puppets. I miss these things. Going to school, she would teach me new songs that I still remember. Some mornings, we would even go and sit in at McDonald’s and eat. I remember playing teacher with her Overhead Projector. She has inspired me to want to become a teacher as well. When I am older, I will remember these things plus the memories of her cuddling with Oscar. I will remember her hugging me. I will remember her inspirational words. I will remember the happiness she gives me on a daily basis. Even though she might overlook these memories… I remember them. But, most of all, I remember her love for every person in this world. And I hope she always remembers my love for her. <3

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