What is wrong?

January 26, 2011
Whast is wrong with this world? What has gone wrong? Is the world insane? I want to make a change. Poeple put more hate into the world then they give good to the world. Why do we care so much about celeberties? There are soo many award shows its hard to keep up. But these shows should be giving back to our world. Not advertising the horrid tv shows. Have you noticed the shows on tv? How they stereotype us? Jersey people on Jersey Shore. Not every jersey person is like that. They show guys walking all over girls. Sleeping with them and trowing them out. They sho girls nude. Being loud screaming yelling drunk as can be. Not all girls are like that. So tell me why we have so much hate in the world? Its us USA we are not a free state we still have so many laws against us. We have people dieing everywhere and people aren't doing a darn thing about it. It is not good what we have done to our country. We need to help it as much as we can don't give up. How about you cahnge something you do in your everyday life to change someone elses!!

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