Medical marijuana

January 24, 2011
By Harrison Davis BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Harrison Davis BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Medical marijuana is marijuana that is sold legally to certain people who have medical issues. All you have to do is send in some medical records pay a fee and you now can buy marijuana legally. As of right now there are 15 states and Washington DC that have laws that allow the use of medical marijuana. This shows that our country is allowing medical marijuana to be used much more frequently. The main issues with medical marijuana are whether it is used by those with legitimate reasons, if it causes a raise in drug abuse, and if it actually works. Medical marijuana is a serious issue in our country, even if it is designed to be helpful.

Does every one using medical marijuana have real pain or are they potheads who want to use it without getting in trouble? This is a major issue in deciding if mmj (medical marijuana) should be legal or not. There have been cases in every mmj allowed state where someone has used a fraudulent card to buy marijuana. Also drug addicts will make up symptoms to hope that a doctor prescribes marijuana without looking too deeply into their case. This is either because the laws aren’t strict enough or doctors aren’t paying enough attention. People are allowing this to happen in part that they may be paid or they know the person. In either case the person could go to jail and the doctor’s license can be revoked. This also shows that mmj systems may have much more problems than we think.

Another issue with mmj is whether drug abuse will rise in those states where it is legal. The use of marijuana in 8th graders rose 1.5% this past year. This rise occurred according to experts because of”the increasing accessibility and acceptability of marijuana use.” This is scary that a law which is supposed to help people is hurting today’s teens. Are our senators choosing to ignore this major factor that is hurting the entire state? This should is a major factor since if 8th graders are using marijuana today, it may lead to the use of hardcore drugs later on in their lives. If we didn’t have mmj laws our state would have a lower availability of the drug, which in turn leads to lower drug abuse. Some experts in the mmj field are saying that marijuana will be like cold syrup and everyone will have some. When this happens, what will stop kids from taking it just to try it?

One of the other main issues is whether mmj actually works. Almost every person who has used medical maijuana says that mmj worked better than any other prescription drug they used. Scientists on the other hand, wonder if it’s a placebo. Scientists can find no reason why medical marijuana works. They only thing they can think of is that the high makes users forget about their pain but the pain never goes away. This may explain why users think it works so well. Some users complain that others will judge them harshly for using mmj. However, these people might not even use medical marijuana for the right reasons.

Hopefully our government will crack down on our medical marijuana laws. I’m not saying that they necessarily are not a good thing but the laws need to be tighter. If we keep allowing more and more to happen we are going to make our state all pot heads. We need to use this as a wake up call. Our state will never be taken seriously again if we let our laws get looser. Would you rather listen to a nicely dressed man in a suit or someone who has no home because all their money was spent on marijuana? This is what would happen in our state if our laws stay the same. Yes it may help some but it is hurting more. So when looking for the matter in our world never overlook medical marijuana.

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