World Hunger

January 24, 2011
By Anonymous

World hunger, a worldwide issue has grown the attention of more people during its course through history. It is a global event that effects everyone. And if we continue to ignore it and put it aside it will grow into something that we cannot handle.

I have always been passionate about world hunger. It has always drawn me in and made me more curious. It is also something that is known around the world. I feel that I can do my part to help. A month or two ago I revisited a favorite site called It is a site that its partnered with the World Food Program. There are different subjects of questions, and for each answer you get right you donate 10 grains of rice. The last time I was on the site I had already donated over 20,000 grains of rice. Besides websites it is easy to donate by giving money, spending time at a food shelter, and even going on a mission trip. I find it really annoying when people make a few comments or jokes with the key terms starving, hunger, and dying. I know they have good intentions and don’t mean anything by it, but it something that is hurting a lot of people. Another thing people seem to think is that it is only happening in poorer countries. It is happening in less fortunate counties but it is also happening in this country. Steps can be taken to help put a stop to this tragedy. It is really an eye opener for me to see the that some people hope and pray for, are the very things that we take for granite everyday.

Truly, world hunger is very much going to be something that is on everyone’s mind. We’re all going to have to step up to the plate and make a change.

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