Letter to Barack Obama

January 24, 2011
By Anonymous

Dear President Barack Obama,

January 23, 2011
Genocide in Darfur, Sudan needs to end. I’m writing to help convince you to talk to whoever needed to help end this tragedy. These people are being killed for no reason, this is unnecessary. We can’t let this continue, we need to end the genocide in Darfur.
To start off, girls/women are being raped to have lighter-skinned children, that’s wrong and after being raped they get killed, that’s even worse. Those little children over there don’t deserve to suffer and starve the way they are, they’re too small. The burning of people’s villages where they live is horrible. Where d they go?
Next, I think that not being able to walk within 500 meters without stepping on bones is terribly sad and very unnecessary. Many people are getting displaced, I believe that’s not welcome and needs to go. It’s a shame that the Sudanese government is doing this to their own people, making them starve, and burning all their food, why? It’s so cruel. Along with the Chinese government, they need to step up and help, not be part of genocide by sitting back and watching these people get killed.
Furthermore, what’s with the Janjaweed gang? Who would be so heartless to hire a gang to rape women and girls? It’s a shame. Mr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” He’s got a point. Those people’s country and lives may be at risk. Talk to people, get them to help stop genocide.
Some may argue, Mr. Obama, that we shouldn’t get involved when they are so far away. Here’s its weakness though, those people are so important and deserve help. Don’t listen to people like that, the ones who are mean and don’t care. Listen to the people who really care and follow your heart. Now is our chance to help. Let’s make a difference and help put a stop to genocide. Save the lives of people that still have a chance.

With warm regards,

Cathleen Reeder

The author's comments:
I wrote it myself, and it took time and effort.

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