Hope for the Broken

January 24, 2011
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One of the hardest things to obtain in life is acceptance. We live in a world where we are constantly judged, ridiculed, and not accepted in the eyes of others. Our families might have issues, our grades might not be on a qualifying level, or we might just be generally different. Sometimes were lucky, we can overlook everything. Take it in, accept it, and move on. But others aren’t as fortunate, leading to stress that takes control. We lose ourselves in such a divided and harsh world, feeling as though our lives aren't significant for some reason or another, and so the sickness and downward spiral starts.

To Write Love on Her Arms is a nonprofit movement that helps those who suffer from depression, addiction, self injury habits, and suicide. Its focus is showing the world that love conquers all, and that there is always a helping hand to be found. “We all wake to the human condition. We wake to mystery and beauty but also to tragedy and loss. Millions of people live with problems of pain” the movement’s website says, “Millions of homes are filled with questions – moments and seasons and cycles that come as thieves and aim to stay. We know that pain is very real. It is our privilege to suggest that hope is real, and that help is real.”

The story behind the movement starts with a broken girl, Renee Yohe. Her life being filled with horrific events and tragedy, depression and addiction took a hold of her. She was filled with drugs and alcohol, and cutting became a routine. Becoming more dangerous to herself day by day, a group of friends took care of her for the five days before she could enter a treatment center. They showed her what greater things lied around her, and that her life was important. They showed her love and compassion, something she hadn't experienced before. And from that, something even greater developed, the idea that love can conquer everything.

Founded officially in 2006 by Jamie Tworkowski, To Write Love on Her Arms started with a simple goal, to get Renee's story out and to raise awareness. Now being a nationwide movement, the organization has grown even further and spread the news of hope to those who need it. Clothing is available, all proceeds going to the cause, and even bands are getting involved in reaching out. Social worker of Neshaminy High school Joseph seen Werner says "I welcome any organization that gets kids to come out and tell somebody." Even though the methods may seem unorthodox, and it is not the biggest organization out in the world, To Write Love on Her Arms has made a great difference in many peoples lives. One group of friends and one broken girl is all it took. It started something so extraordinary that its being shared all around the country, and the movement continues to grow. Without the love and care from her friends, Renee might not have been alive today to share her story. Too many people have felt the pain of a harsh world take over them and having no idea how to stop it. Now it’s our turn to be the difference in another person's life. Be the hope, be the love, and be the movement. "Love is the Movement."

For more information on what you can do to help, go to TWLOHA.com

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