Animal Abuse

January 23, 2011
Animal abuse has been going on for years. It’s very cruel and animals are harmed every minute of the day. Animal cruelty cases are seen between urban as well as rural areas all across the world. Animal abuse is basically any act of violence, neglecting, and abuse towards animals. Animals are forced to fight and are also denied the basics of food, water, and shelter. People everyday are arrested, put into jail and charged, but they don’t learn their lesson. Animal abuse usually goes towards the household pets and other animals.

Animals are beaten, starved, and hurt all the time. Even though it is illegal it still happens and it all needs to be put to an end. Some animals are put in confinement so small that the animals can barely move. Pets create enormous business, but that doesn’t mean that animals aren’t hurt in order to learn routines and things of that sort. Circuses have animals that are beaten, burned, poked with sharp objects, and locked up for twenty-three out of twenty-four hours of the day except for when they are being taught routines.

Countries like Mexico have many homeless animals that aren’t sheltered and taken care of. Most American households have mostly pets over children. People proceed to have dog fights and dogs are hurt, forced to fight, and sometimes even killed because of other dogs. Animal fights go on to see which dog is the strongest or even to get money for the dog that wins a fight. Dog fighting is morally wrong and inhumane. Even though most dogs do not suffer death and are euthanized, some dogs do suffer death. Animal fight happen all over the world and they need to end.

There are many ways to help stop animal abuse. You can go on marches, volunteer at shelters, and join a group called ASPCA to help stop animal abuse. I my self have tried to help out at an animal shelter but I was below the age limit. Later on in life I want to become a Veterinarian to help out animals. Animals are my passion, and I really want to help them out. Just imagine, a world free of animal abuse and cruelty. Wouldn’t that be nice, and if you yourself agree with me you should join a program to try and help and stop animal abuse. There is absolutely no good reason to why animals should be abused and those abusers out there need to be sentenced to life in jail.

Owners of pets abuse animals and these helpless animals can’t speak up to tell the abusers that it hurts. Animals are beaten because of being bad and some owners take it way too far. When my dog does something bad I just tell her to go lay down so that I don’t take my anger out on her. If only people would do the same thing as me, the world would be a better place for animals. People should not take their anger out on animals because they have no one else to take their anger out on. Now you know why animal abuse is my passion and why it needs to be stopped.

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