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January 29, 2011
By baller23 BRONZE, Shoreview, Minnesota
baller23 BRONZE, Shoreview, Minnesota
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A precious gift that our lord savior gave to us. Something that alot of us take for granted. It's also something that alot of us can't fully understand. Ive been through alot of obstacles in my life and I can assure you they weren't easy to overcome. I truly don't think life is something that is meant to be understood. It's something to take slowly so you can pick up on all the main points. We constantly struggle on a daily basis..whether it's in school, work, etc. We have to break it down that we can find out what we're doing wrong and fix it. Because honestly, no one can help the way you think, act, and live your life except yourself. It's up to you to change the way you live your life. No one is going to hold your hand and guide you through everything. You have to make your own decisions. You have to decide what's wrong or right. The only problem is sometimes it can be difficult. That's where mistakes come in. I believe mistakes were put on this world for a purpose. So the next time a conflict comes up we have experience and have an idea on how to react. The law of attraction has such a powerful impact on us. Say your sitting in your room and start to have negative thoughts. Well those negative thoughts will lead to more negative thoughts. And by the end of the day your day will just have gone down hill. You control how you feel. The fact is, you attract into your life the stuff you think about the most. Life may come at you in many ways. But no matter how bad stuff may seem always have a positive attitude. You have to live life like tomorrow's your last. Don't look at what you don't have and look at what you do have. Because some people are less fortunate and would kill for food and water. Life is a gift just waiting to be opened. So don't let others bring you down. They have no right to treat you in a negative way but who are you to be the one to argue with someone like that? Forget all the names you've been called and just throw them away. Because if your a person who can control your emotions and feelings why have all that junk stored up inside you? Stress will build up inside you, resulting in a nervous break down. Forget what others think, live for yourself, and just be happy. God brought life onto this world so that we could be happy. Of course we have regrets but we can't let them put us down. Leave the past behind & live for the present. So go have fun, celebrate how good you have it, and live life to the fullest!

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livingk said...
on Jun. 2 2011 at 2:21 pm
Nice job it made me think about being happier and living life better :)

yareli GOLD said...
on Feb. 9 2011 at 1:58 pm
yareli GOLD, Terrell, Texas
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everyone is the same in a different way

i think is awsome!! u should keep writing.. cheack some of my work and leave a comment it will mean the world to me :)


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