January 26, 2011
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Attention is seen everywhere. There are certain situations where attention is given to people, and there are other situations where people desperately search for attention. No matter how it is gained, attention is frequently seen.

An adequate way of describing attention would be to say that it is addictive to some. One tells a funny story and everyone around laughs. All eyes are on him/her, along with all the smiles, too. Once you’ve tasted this attention, you want more. You think back to the time when the spotlight was warming your skin, and you yearn for that again; so you try harder. Your attempts at making people laugh, or telling a riveting story where people want to hear more and more, become tiresome to everyone. You will find yourself doing loud or obnoxious things, thinking positively because everyone has turned around to look at you. One does not realize, though, that the stares are not of admiration; they are only of annoyance. Your charisma becomes artificial, and nobody wants to be around somebody who is “fake”. This is the devastating story of how attention ruins somebody.

Attention can also be characterized as something earned. Some people are simply genuine. They have a naturally cheerful disposition that seems effortless to keep up. When a chance comes along to help somebody in need or “do a good deed”, they don’t look at it as a way to make themselves look good. They just want to help another person. Because of this, they receive much attention. This is well-deserved, and the best part about this attention is that the person receiving it does not boast or gloat. This is the wonderful story of how attention is an honor and a reward.

Many people get attention. It can be good or bad, and it can help or hurt them. If one really wants to get to know a person, he/she should scrutinize how the attention is earned by the person and how it is handled afterwards. This will be the bulletproof way to distinguish the people worth having in your life away from the others, who should not be as lucky.

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