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January 24, 2011
By Janay Henderson BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Janay Henderson BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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My mom is the biggest inspiration to me. My mom has many characteristics. She is the strongest, well spoken women I know. She is the best mom I could ever have. I am really thankful for having a mom like her.
The best thing my mom does for me is come to all my basketball games. Every time I look into the crowd I always see her smiling and waving at me. That’s the best thing to see right before my game. It makes me want to give 1000% on that game. She is so supportive. She is always cheering me on no matter what the score is. I can always hear her over the crowd because she is the loudest person out there. But, that is why I love her. When she comes to my games it puts a smile on my face and it makes me feel that she is actually there to supportive me. Thanks mom!
I can’t lie but my mom is the hardest working woman I know! No doubt about it. MY mom wakes up at 3:30 in the morning just to go to work. She doesn’t get enough sleep as she is suppose to but she still gets up at the butt-crack of dawn just to go to work. My mom gets up so early just so she can pick Jade and I up after school everyday. She is the best.
My mom is not always happy but she will always keep a smile on her face. My mom might have a hard day at work but she will never take it out on the family. She might be mad or frustrated but she has a smile. She has a positive attitude that carries out throughout the entire family. Being in a positive environment helps everyone else improve there attitude especially when someone is in a bad mood.
I hope to grow up and be at least half the woman mom mother is. She is so hard working and caring that it makes me want to work hard in school to make her proud. I love you mom. Now, answer this America what other mom’s are like this?

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