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January 15, 2011
I truly love people that do not hold anything back, and do not judge others. Holding back secrets just creates tension over time, and the longer someone waits to tell someone bad news, the worst it is for the person receiving the news. I love when people just tell things how they are because in the end no one wants to hear a negative surprise. People who can look beyond someone’s outside appearance, and have an actual conversation with someone before they start judging are truly amazing. In society today, most people just look at someone’s features or clothing and conclude an opinion about that person. They may think that person is too fat, skinny, tall, short, slutty, goth, or ghetto to even talk to. Society just uses stereotypes to judge a person and even treat them badly, without even knowing the person. I really respect the person that goes up to and shows kindness to the person that no one else talks to, just because they look different. I really think it is cool that they do not follow the crowd, and help out that person when no one else is willing to. My ultimate hate is when someone lies. To start off, a person only lies because they realized that they made a mistake and are ashamed of it, they want to cover something up for someone else (the best kind of lie if there is one), or because a person just likes to mess around with people. Nothing positive comes when someone lies. Lies ruin friendships and relationships all the time. Although lying often seems like the easy way of situations, I truly believe that if you do not lie and present the reality, it will ultimately end up better for both people. The person who has influenced me the most and who has had the biggest impact on me is definitely my grandpa. A Holocaust survivor, my grandfather faced great adversity and was able to live his life the fullest and have a big family after nearly dieing. From my grandfather, I have learned to never give up in any situation, carry on my Jewish traditions, and to live happy because tomorrow is never guaranteed. Although he is not alive anymore, my family and I do our best to carry on his beliefs and traditions. When I am older, I want to be someone who is highly respected by those around me and my family. I do not necessarily need a job that makes an excessive amount of money, but a job that I truly enjoy and something that makes me excited when I wake up every morning. More important than a job, when I am older I want to be someone who my children can always talk to and be really close with. In life, I would die for my friends and family. Those who spend the most time with you are the most important, and I know that they would also die for me. This quote describes what I live for, “Life is like a roller coaster.....with its ups and downs, sharp turns and many unexpected moments. Always a different thrill each day. Scary yet thrilling, you just gotta ride it!” I believe that I live life for the so called “ride.” In the end everyone faces the end of the roller coaster, but I am trying to enjoy the ride and live it up to the fullest because when the ride is over, I want to have no regrets. My ride has just begun, so there should be many thrilling and scary moments to come in the future. Everyone only gets to ride the ride once, so they my as well make the most of out their only chance. But I am a true believer that if you have no regrets at the end of the ride, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

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