Family is Your Blueprint

January 13, 2011
By Anonymous

What does family mean to you? Is it just another word you can find in the dictionary or is it more than that? No matter what you may answer everyone can say that family has played some sort of role in ones life.This role can have a great impact. In fact, the impact of family is like the impact of two planets colliding; it will always be remembered, it can affect your life greatly, and it can never be undone.

Family plays the greatest role in ones life.Family is responsible for inspiring their members.Family is responsible for educating their children. Family is responsible for having unconditional love for one another.

I have a ginormous family that consists of loving parents, and four other siblings that inspire me and push me each and everyday.No matter what curve ball comes our way we support and help one another through it. Without family I am, we are all, nothing!

Winston Chuchill stated, “There is no doubt that it is family and the home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of human society, are created, strengthened and maintained.”

I can not agree more with this man.

It is true that in a home you learn life's greatest virtues and lessons.That is why it is true that there is no place like home. For the home is a place where one can feel safe. A home is where you can smile, and sing ,and be creative. A home is a magical place like no other where you can be yourself and express yourself in many ways.

Without a home you wouldn't have a place to do all of this. That is why we need to be thankful for the fact that we have people who love us and a roof over your head. We need to be thankful for the greatest gift we can receive, family.

The importance of having parents or someone you can look up to is very great. Unfortunately, some don’t have that type of person in their life. This person can include a father figure.Studies show that 63% of teen suicides come from fatherless homes. Not only this, but also a huge 85% of children with behavior problems come from fatherless homes.This just goes to show how much a father can influence someones life.

The simplest things even like spending time with family can effect children. On average I spend more than 10 hours a week bonding with my family. A study from the National Center of Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) concluded frequent dinners result in lower rates of teen smoking,drinking, and drug use. Michelle Knudson stated, “The more family time you spend together you will notice a reduce in stress in the household.”

Whether you are black or white, Asian or American, we all have family. Family is everything to me and I know it means a lot to others. Never forget to love your family unconditionally, for they are the reason you are who you are. They created you and shaped you into amazing people. Be greatfull and blessed for your family who have had the greatest impact on your life.

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