Who are You?

January 2, 2011
By Anonymous

I love to dance. When no one's looking, I'll turn up some music really loud and dance my heart out. After school, all I feel like doing is playing my tenor saxophone. If no one were there to complain, I could blast out a whole chain of improve. Of course, I can never do that when anyone's watching. As much as I love U.S. history, I am constantly doodling in my Social Studies class. And don't tell anyone, but in language arts I tend to daydream. I hide fire crackers in my drawer and save them for some time special. I hate Hannah Montana, but I love Party in the U.S.A. Sometimes I can't sleep because I'm too busy writing an essay, or maybe I'm making a scrapbook of photos I have recently taken. Who knows? No one but me. Today’s weird. It's different then the rest. For as long as I can remember, my life has been one big game of hide and seek. Well I'm getting bored. So maybe tonight I'll invite some friends over. We can dance until we drop. And next concert, I'm going to have a 24 bar solo of nothing but the random improvisation I have practiced for so long. The minute I step in history class, I will be the teacher’s pet. And then at lunch I will display my most recent masterpieces. Tomorrow I will have a party for no reason, and we will lip sync to all of Hannah's songs as the fire crackers explode in the background. And then when I feel like passing out, I will become the next J.K. Rowling and the new Scott Westerfeld. Because that is me. Who are you?

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