December 31, 2010
By , scottsdale, AZ
As I look around and think about my family, I see security but I also see a falsified hope. My mother hoping for more help. My brother hoping to succeed in design. My sister hoping she can remain living her carefree collage life. And I can honestly say I have not idea what my father hopes for. Maybe more money, maybe a daughter who is a straight A student, maybe a son who loves sports instead of art, but I can only guess. As I look around I see a world full of sorrow thinly veiled behind joy. I see children basking in their innocence laughing. However, once in a while, I look around and see the sun, i see that my mother has everything she could ever want, I see my brother and his architecture and talent proving himself to the world, i see my sister knowing that she is brilliant, gorgeous, 19, and going to succeed later in life. And I see my father. I see myself hoping he knows that his family is filled with talent and joy and potential and I laugh, because I can't help wondering if I will ever be good enough. So I invite everyone to look at their lives and for only a few moments realize what you have and how great it is because I can promise you there is someone out there who does not have what you have, a family, a job, a home, an education, but don't think about that in sorrow, think about it in joy because maybe for those few moments, you realize you are better than someone, and that your life is amazing, especially in the eyes of others, which is what we all crave. Superiority.

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