January 3, 2011
By TheObserver SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
TheObserver SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
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"Reach for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars." -Les Brown

Many people try to define love, and when to know if you’re in it. Love at first sight, see sparks around them, and hear fireworks when you kiss them, or just feel a spark. But not everything they say about love can be true . . . can it? Truth is love is indefinable. TRUE love is indefinable. In movies they always have the prettiest girls falling in love, well not every girl looks like that! I don’t even look like those girls. The media is letting girls believe that you have to be tall skinny, and tan to be beautiful. To make someone fall in love with you. Well that’s a HUGE lie. Even the girls you’d think wouldn’t ever be able to find love find it before those girls. Because those girls don’t have what regular girls do, which is self respect. I know I’m bashing on the Hollywood girls. But it’s the truth, they have guys stumbling all over them to get one thing . . . in their pants. But where’s the guy that wants to actually be with her, to fall in love with her. There’s a guy for everyone, that’s what I believe. You just have to be open enough to let them in. So you will find that guy who will go to space and back just to see you smile. And when someone asks you how it feels to be in love . . . you’ll be speechless. For true love is indefinable.

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