the world can be turned around

January 3, 2011
By tylerz GOLD, Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
tylerz GOLD, Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
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Life is to short to not share it with another person.

In the beginning God created man. Now man is trying to destroy its own being. People today need to realize that this is a very important subject. I don’t understand why we need to kill each other, over blood, lust, money, or just to do it because they are out to prove something to someone. There shouldn’t be gangs. No territory is yours. The United States wouldn’t be the United States if it wasn’t for our founding fathers. We need to go back to what they said. This is nothing like they wanted.

Today there are many problems. Killing is one of the fewest things to worry about. War is the most major thing that we have to focus on. We could destroy the earth and everyone would be dead. I don’t know who would want this, but it is a very scary thought. If everyone could just get along maybe we could get back to the way things were. Maybe if we all pulled together and worked together, there would be no more fighting, wars, hunger, pollution, or anything left to worry about. But I know. When people think like this, they are either hippy’s smoking pot, or just crazy. The world can go back to the way it was. We just need to realize that.

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