The Words We Say

December 28, 2010
"I hate you!" Admit it, unless you are absolutely perfect or bite your tongue often then your parents have heard this on more than one occasion. We never stop to think of the lashes to our parent's heart our words dish out. When we do this, we might as well stab them through the heart ourselves!
It's like your best friend for a long time calling you fat ,but knowing very well that you're not. Your parents know that you do not hate them but it still hurts.
You know how very cruel we are when we say that? I would hate it if my child ever told me that! And just to think that we say it in a fit of anger!
This also goes for any situation when you don't mean what you say ,but say in the heat of the moment to hurt someone temporarily.
I honestly think we need to watch our mouths. Also when we call eachother "b****es" and "jackasses" and other stuff.
We are so cruel.
All because of the words we say.

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