Adult vs Child

December 20, 2010
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Why is it that when a child, teen or young adult have something to sa, no one listens. Why is it that when an adult or someone with higer authority says something the whole world quiets down just to hear (s)he talk. Even if they are making the same argument or statement as the child. People always say the children of this generation are the future of this country so why is it that we're shushed by our dad's glare or a mom's stare. Why are we silenced with the words, your just a kid what do you know. When a teenager tries to defend his/her younger brother or cousins because they're being treated unfairly they get that glare from their family and that's all they get because they know (s)he were right. When we stand up for what we believe in it's their word against ours and who do you think always wins . THEM. Adults think it's juvenile to stand up for what we believe in or argue a point that we make and no one listens. Why is that we don't have a say in anything whether it's a place we go to for dinner or an even higher matter. Why.?

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