United States is in Debt, but We're Going to WAR?

November 30, 2010
On November 23rd, 2010, North Korea comitted an artillery attack against the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong. North Korea states that this event took place for 'self-defense'. The reason for this is due to the United states military conducting joint military operations with South Korea.
I think the idea is now obvious, we are heading straight for a war. A war against North Korea will be more dangerous than you can imagine. Now, remember that the United States and North Korean BOTH have nuclear weaponry at hand.
Even if we do end up initiating a war, we can not afford it. We are a country in huge debt. A quote from a fellow writer I've recently read said:
"Just a few weeks ago, the government announced that it had purchased an additional 600
billion dollars worth of bonds from the Chinese government. This alone serves to
weaken the value of the dollar 10% over night, and up to 25-30% within months. This
means that if you have $100 in the bank, it’ll be worth $70-75 in a matter of months."
[from http://coreyconstable.com]
Let’s think about our past. We became a country where ‘freedom’ was granted. I know monarchies and communism is not the answer, but this democracy led to useless spending of money. ‘Oh! Just get the US to print out a lot of money! Then we’ll be out of debt!’ Sure, that seems like a good idea, BUT, knowing that people have a sense of greed, prices will increase in order to keep stock. For example, let’s say the government sends out bigger government checks to those who pay their taxes. Some will save the money, other’s will use it to pay bills over time, but most will spend it. I mean, it’s just the way the world works. You have more money, and you just think, ‘hey, I have enough left over for a little gift for me!’ Yeah, well everyone will want a ‘little gift’ and this will lead to increasing prices on items because now EVERYONE has more money. If prices are kept the same, people will buy it and it will run out.

‘Well, why don’t nations just make peace? They have no reason to fight!’ Yes, they do. Some nations are ran in different government forms[democracy, republican, monarchy, communism, etc.] and nations have different religious views. And, of course, some nations want more. What do I mean by that? They will want more money, more power, more control, as proof of their strong and powerful position in the world. It’s like when someone wants to be a leader of a group project. The person will research and plan it out with their teammates. He/She will work on ways to finish their project in the easiest way, yet at the same time, have successfully did enough work for it to pass the prompt. And hell, most people want to surpass the prompt and get an A+! So, usually the leader will plan a little bit more on their part. They want their teammates to know that they can trust that leader has it under control. The leader will usually either present the project themselves or force someone to do it for them since ‘they didn’t do enough work or no work at all!’ And if they choose to get someone else to speak, the leader will save their group member from screwing up. Just the voice is enough to have a classroom watching, giving you control to say what you want. Basically, many nations want that position. It is all because of respect.

And where does respect lead us to? Unnecessary actions if ‘needed’. I’m talking about force. ‘Why won’t the leaders just ignore other countries and leave them alone?!’ BECAUSE they all depend on each other. Yes, they all do. Why do you think we have debts, sister cities, agreements, alliances, etc.? The nations all need each other. They look down and up at each other and want to learn about other countries in order for them to make a choice.

If war is needed for anger..let it be it. Although we all have our voices crying out for peace, they will not listen most likely. They always say, we are the future. Now, we’re in the position of repeating history, and most likely, the end of our generation if the war is what Baba Vanga predicts.

I wish you luck.

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