family is important

November 28, 2010
Family is important to me because without them we do not have no one else to talk to. It is also important to spend a lot of time with all of your family members because it shows that you want to talk to them more and you love them. Having a family who is always mad at each other is really bad. It's bad because sometimes it seem like they do not care about each other.

You would wish that your family could get along. Having a good and happy family is the best. Also to show that you really love them, you would go visit a family member in the hospital or if they are sick at home. That is why you should respect your family because sometimes they are all you have. That is also family is important to me.

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msufan01 said...
Mar. 22, 2011 at 8:37 am
i also agree that family is really important and that you should always respect them because one day you might need them.
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