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December 14, 2010
By KylieNicole GOLD, Bakersfield, California
KylieNicole GOLD, Bakersfield, California
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\"Wake up and smell the rain before it sweeps you away, away from all of your dreams building up, away from your beautiful life. Hurry up and enjoy the great drops of shimmer you spread on the world.\" -Me

as we get older we realize things we can say or better yet can't say.

stuff we should hold on to and stuff that just slips away through our growing fingers.

we learn lessons that usually hurt to learn and make us think that we aren't going to be able to keep living but we keep living. our hearts mend after every broken heart.

after every person we lose we gain another and bless their lives in return.

it gets hard to remember that you aren't always going to have some people in your life and connections get broken and lost. it is what we do with those connections that matter best.

mistakes are our human nature.

it is never going to change even though everything else changes that doesn't seem to like to change.

yes, the mistakes hurt and ruin some things.

but, do they really ruin? or is it just the feeling it portrays at the moment of the "ruining"? what is broken can always be mended. no matter how many times it is broken.

so it never really ruins. just temporarily goes out of business.

new friendships arise. so do new love affairs.

you grow closer to people who are suppose to be in your life at the time being, and the people or ideas or matters of life that dwindle away were not meant to be at the time.

stop worrying about what is to come or what has left and just get on.

prepare for the blessing ahead in the path and enjoy the ones that are already here.

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