Guidelines to Having a Stress Free Friendship

December 13, 2010
By Ariana Morin BRONZE, Katy, Texas
Ariana Morin BRONZE, Katy, Texas
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You will meet the worst of people, who say you’re nothing, but you can’t let this person’s degrading words or destructive actions consume your daily life. Life is hard enough when you’re an adolescent; but when you’re in an environment that contains gossip and competition, it’s like being thrown into a middle of a field during a thunderstorm. You become apt to being naïve and want to make friends with just anyone who is willing to talk to you. You have to abolish this habitual notion and make friends with positive people with those who are encouraging and loyal. These friends should have the same morals as you and will do favors for you without anticipating anything in return. With these guidelines to having a stress free friendship, you will learn to have a positive attitude and make the best friends life has to offer.
When you begin your teen years, your personality varies and you choose both good friends and other friends who aren’t the best to be around. One year we can be cruel and vindictive, the next we can be charming and gracious. All teens are under pressure to find their true selves. We go through phases from being “emo” to “preppy” to a “teacher’s pet”, and even an “outcast.” When looking in the mirror, we see everything we want to change about ourselves instead of seeing what were grateful for. Therefore we search for friends who will make us have eye-catching outer appearances, instead of a beautiful, righteous heart. Those so called friends are the “mean girls” that seek vengeance on anybody. They hangout with boys who are much older than them and they drink a lot, and go to countless parties as well as hookup with guys that they don’t even know. Chances are the group that looks plastic is leading destructive lives that will taint your very being. Instead, you should focus on who you want to be in life. Visualize achieving all your goals and ask yourself, are these people going to be with you till the end? No their not! Get away from those people. Make friends with people who always tell you they love your personality, who you can seek guidance from, who will take your secrets to the grave. Who cares about their physical appearance? If you concentrate on that you will never have the greatest friends in life. Besides they probably will look a lot different a year from now.
When you’re a teenager you start your first job and that is when you’re truly in the real world. When you’re thrown into this professional environment there is going to be gossiping and backstabbing, don’t associate yourself in that. Be sophisticated; don’t tell people the mistakes that you have done, because chances are it will get back to the boss. Remember there are good people at your workplace; you just have to find them. Discover who your coworkers are, make sure they have the same morals as you and their lives don’t revolve around their work. Try hanging out with them outside of work. If you accomplish this, you will get to know who they truly are than their professional persona. Be close to the people you trust at work, and then maybe they will do a favor for you.
Trust your instincts when you meet somebody, because they are always right. If you become friend’s with somebody who has gotten into a physical altercation with someone they are more than likely going to physically hurt you in the end. If you notice an individual is not giving you the time of day to get to talk to you, don’t waste your time. Become friends with those you hear great things about, those that your friends are already friend’s with, and people who have good hearts. Don’t wait for them to ask if you want to hangout with them. You be the first to ask. Don’t just be friends with people of the same personality as you; there are varieties of personalities that can compliment yours but look for one still of good character. For example if you like to talk, choose friend’s who will listen. If you like to joke, choose those that love to laugh. Prove to them that you got what it takes to be the best friend ever.
You will meet people in your life that seek to hurt you in any way possible. You have to ignore these people who are filled with hate, and surround yourself by people who love you for who you truly are. These people are encouraging, loyal, and respectful, have the same morals as you, and will do anything for you and ask for nothing in return. Use these guidelines and apply them to your daily life. Love yourself first and then people will truly love you.

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