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Purple Rain

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Purple rain falls from the sky, it clears my eyes when I cry. I feel safe under cover. I love you with all my heart, a bond nothing can sever. As the rain falls harder overhead, and the doom sets into our skin, I remember the good days of yesterday, I remember your face before it was wrought with pain.

I go back to the first time you put your hands on me, I replay it over in my mind. I think of what went wrong and what should have happened. I search the earth and the sky and the moon and the lies and every word that you ever told me. You said you were sorry. You said it would never happen again. I loved you so much...and wanted so much that I believed you. Your anger smoldered behind a smile, you blinded me with apologies, kindness and gifts.

The second time, you were just as angry, feeling just as crazy, had me running for cover, feeling under the weather. You asked me why I provoked you, why did I like to make you angry? I said I was sorry. I said it was my fault and that I'd never let it happen again.
And then it was days and days and days and days and days and days of smiles. Then it would always be a day of mourning. I'd cry for the love that died, cried for my soul that hides, I cried for the person I once knew and cherished, turned a stranger to me now.
And he couldn't help himself. He couldn't help himself as he chased. He just couldn't help himself. He couldn't stop his hands in time. And she couldn't help herself. No matter how much she wanted help. She just couldn't help herself, the hit landed each and every time. It was love that missed.
Purple rain falls from the sky, it clears my eyes as I cry. It answers my questions, the falling "why". It brings me back home again.

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