It Matters to Me

November 21, 2010
By Anonymous

My freedom of speech? My ability to do whatever I want as long as it causes no harm? The clothes I wear or the house I live in? Nope. None of these wondrous things are what I cherish the most.
Family. Just one word can sum up what matters the most to me. My family is everything. They are the ones who encourage, support, and give me the strength to keep going. I am never let down by them. My family is my constant structure; without them the world would not be right.
I consider my close friends to be my family too. They have yet to let me down. They always pick me up when I fall. They take my burden, make it theirs, and carry my weight with them.
From a being dumped by my boyfriend in front of the class, to my friends’ suicides, they have always been there. I remember we were graduating 8th grade on a Monday. The previous Friday as I am getting ready for school and heading out to the bus, I received a phone call. As I listen to the words they barely register in my mind. I thought it was some sick joke. There was no way any of my friends could be dead. It wasn’t something that happened. I went to school, cried with my friends, went home and cried there. But it made me realize something, my family and friends would always be there for me.
This is why my family and friends matter. They are what matters most to me. I would give up everything I have as long as I get to keep my family, because I know that together we can do anything.

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