Life in Bold Letters

November 19, 2010
By Anonymous

Life is a rollercoaster. Life has so many ups and down throughout it. They have obstacles in life that will knock anybody on their ass from time to time. It makes that one mistake feel as if there is no way out. Life throws so many curveballs at people who don’t even deserve them. Mistakes are made everyday that can feel as if no one soul can make it better. The people think that they have life figured out, when suddenly, a whole new door opens up. The way life seems to climb and fall makes it seem not worth it. It makes it not worth the ride or the reward. People don’t want to stick around for the reward because life has already kicked them in the ass. Most wonders in life aren’t discovered until after the hardships we face. No one truly knows how or where he or she is going to end up after a tragic incident occurs. We all seem to feel as if life is trying to kick us down and keep us down. If staying on the ground is giving up, then why get kicked down in the first place. The fancy’s of life are a cover up from the real world. The real world is one of the main reasons people take life too hard. They all worry about the big lights and shining stars, but never worry about the little joys. The little joys in life are what make it wonderful. The little joys are what make people stand back up after they have fallen. I wonder if life is truly a beautiful ride. I find that it works from time to time, and makes the glossy cover over the world seem imaginary. This is what makes life hard and easy at the same time. This may seem as if unimportance, but life is what makes a person a person. This post is not about all the bullshit, but how people have hardships and how they take them. Many of the people in the world find it so hard to make ends meet. Many see life has a punishment, and end it through a gun or drugs. Life is so important, and it shouldn’t be taken so roughly. I wish that I could just show some of the wonders in life that make it so peaceful, enjoying, and all around a great joy to live for.

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on Dec. 23 2010 at 1:33 am
Healing_Angel SILVER, Sydney, Other
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Live for today, not for tomorrow

This is good!! It's very persuasive, but it probably wouldn't help someone in a suic.idal state of mind.... Good job for keep the swearing mild too! :D I like it.  


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