A Glimpse of Me

November 14, 2010
When I suited up I felt the butterflies. It was my first Varsity water polo game. I know my new teammates depended on me to take over as goalie. I knew I had performed better than the Senior goalie in practice but this was the real test. In her 8 years she had gained much more experience than I could hope for in the short season I had played, I felt the importance of the game hit me just as the cold water did. On top of my teammates dependence I also felt the pressure of college. My parents can’t pay for me to go to a University straight out of high school so I’m trying my hardest to get a water polo or academic scholarship, My sophomore year on Varsity could make or break my water polo career. But despite the pressure I smile and have fun. I feel if I don’t take a game too seriously I play better. I think this applies to most aspects of my life. And just like in the game, I usually come out on top.

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