Stop Abusing the Word Racist

November 12, 2010
By 1TomBoy SILVER, City, Other
1TomBoy SILVER, City, Other
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I was reading some stuff on teen ink today and I read a paper about all the bad things Obama is doing to our country. It was really good it was straight to the point and honestly I believe Obama can do better than he’s doing now. Then I when I was done I wanted to see how other people thought about this paper, WHAT IS WRONGE WITH YOU PEOPLE!!! The first few comments I see are about how this paper is totally racism. The guy/girl is just stating their opinion I did not read one thing about him being a bad President because he’s African American and honestly the whole world could care less about what color he is. You need to focus less on his skin and concentrate on his actions (which I personally believe needs to stop). Look at us we’re actually concentrating on his skin and you people think that’s the only reason people complain. We’ll here’s something to think about, would you call someone racist if our pres. was white. Would you be thinking so much about his color if he was white? If you answer yes then the people who are stating their opinion are the opposite of racist. You on the other hand are racist.

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I sick of it. I just sick of people calling other people racist. This is causing people to be afraid to say their opinion. So Shut up and just ignore the color

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