Letter To The Victims of Homophobia

November 10, 2010
By Dani_Girl BRONZE, LaSalle, Other
Dani_Girl BRONZE, LaSalle, Other
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Dear Victims of Homophobia,

I may just be kid in the background. I may not see the incidents. But I hear about them. I don’t know your name, who you are, where you’re from and what your story is, but I care. I want to be there for you. I wish I could stop every word, every terrible horrible nasty comment. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all go away. I wish you had the right to love like I do. I wish I could stop the hurt, but for now I can’t. I can’t because I’m oblivious. I know it happens, and I hear them talk about it. Yet I can never do anything about it if you are silent.

Please know that I care and that I’m here. Please don’t hide who you are for the sake of others. Please understand that you could be the embodiment of change. Ignorance and bigotry don’t have to last. Love is stronger than hate, don’t forget that. Reach out to someone, anyone. I know how hard it might be but the hurting won’t stop unless you ask for it to stop. Silence is consent, let me help you. Together our voices will rise above the cruel words. Together we’ll survive.

Know that when I hear the words thrown around in the halls, I hurt too. I don’t know how to make it stop. I feel like the words are attacking me even though they aren’t directed towards me. I can’t even imagine the pain you feel, knowing they are meant for you. I hate that your pain is more acceptable than the pain of a straight person. I hate that racism and sexism are practically unheard of, but even walking down the halls, it seems impossible to escape homophobia.

I promise you I will continue fighting. Please know that you have people on your side. I will not the slurs such as ‘fag’ or ‘dyke’ be used in my presence and I will never let them leave my mouth. Those words are dirty and horrible weapons chosen by cowards who are afraid of anything that is different. I promise that I will never be like these people, and if I find one in my midst I will try to change their minds. After all, I know they are just ignorant and I hope that I may be able to educate them. I promise to stand up for you as long as you stay true to your heart.

You are not an abomination. You are not wrong or cursed or damned or more sinful than any straight person. Love is love. There is nothing wrong with that. I know this to be the truth and that’s why I will continue to fight the battle. Though I may not be near, though it may seem I’m not real. I am always fighting. And I will not give up until the battle is won.
Be strong.


An Ally

The author's comments:
You are not alone. I believe in the power of love and someday all people will be equal in all aspects. Have hope, I'm fighting fir you.

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