November 10, 2010
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Black shirt with a band logo, black skinny jeans, and a black back pack with a band logo on it. IF you were to wear this to any kind of public place you would be considered an emo or Goth kid. How may I know this you may ask? Well, lets just say this is a regular outfit of mine on a day to day basis.

Hi my name Haley, and I am a rock band craving alternative store shopping kind of girl. I love dark clothing , and rock/ metal music is my passion . I guess you are wondering why I used the two terms “ emo and Goth “. well these two words are what I like to classify as a stereotype. A stereotype is just another term for judgmental or close minded. You see when I wear my skinny jeans, and my black shirt with the band logo on it. I am longer a person or an individual but a stereotype. Personally it is very upsetting when I am judged or picked on just because I wear the clothes of my choosing.

Although it makes me upset, I have learned to look past it because although I am judged by others , I still know who I am and that’s all that I need. I have seen and heard the constant chatter of “ wow she’s so emo “ or “she cuts herself “ and the up and down looks from strangers just because of my personal appearance. Even when I am in the cluttered hallways of school or shopping at the mall people still talk about me like I am not even around to hear them. Even my friends and my parents think wrong of me, although it is upsetting that my friends parents get the wrong idea of me, its even worse when it comes to my family. Personally I don’t pay attention to my friends parents but when it is my own parents it hurts because all I want is their trust and them to be proud of my actions. Even my twin brother who is only four minutes older is trusted more then me. Sometimes I think that if I were to dress different I would be treated not so unlike everybody else.

Even though I have come to an understanding that I am not like everyone else and its ok to be it still upsets me inside. All I wish for is the trust of my loved ones because I don’t like the feeling of insecurity of my actions from my parents. After all they are the most important people in my life and I just want them to think good thoughts of their youngest daughter. To be honest the worst thing about me is my attitude, I can get angry from time to time and sometimes fight with my brother, but besides that I am just like every other teenager. Last time I checked sibling rivalry was a common thing kids my age do. Although my appearance isn’t the brightest my room is!. My room is pink, purple, and a bright neon green. I have stuffed animals on my bed and a hello kitty small throw blanket. I also have bright colorful stickers on my door and a little mermaid sheet. Some of these things I really wish to get rid of, but on the other hand, I love my room just the way it is. So, I think its appropriate to say that you should never judge anyone until you truly know who they really are.

When my friends walk into my room, they tend to look in awe because they always assume that my room would be the type of room with band posters and black walls and things of that nature. Sometimes I think its funny because I sometimes cant believe that its my room either, and its my own room. I guess it is because of what I hear from everyone else that I end up believing it to. Lastly I would like to end with a few words of wisdom. One thing is to hold your head up high and be proud of who you are because in reality that’s the best you could ever be. Another thing I would like to add is that no matter what people say, you should just know that you are amazing and be thankful that you are.

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