Media Lies

November 4, 2010
By lph6605 BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
lph6605 BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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The media has gotten out of hand over the years. People assume they can trust the media, but in some cases the whole truth is not told. From news about the Iraq war to articles about our own president, reporters and journalists present their biased opinion to America’s citizens. In this age, citizens rely heavily on the media of their nation for their jobs, lifestyle, investments, and many other important matters. If the news that they’re given isn’t accurate, their lives can be seriously altered.

Media is powerful in the sense of persuading people. “Trusted” television channels such as CNN or FOX are said to be reliable by most viewers. However, what they don’t know is that the reporters may only be feeding the viewers information that they want to hear instead of the unbiased truth. Liberals and conservatives are in constant battle to gain the majority opinion from the citizens of America. They use media as a powerful tool to persuade people to join their view on politics. If a topic is only covered by a liberal, then everyone who watches that news channel will probably view the topic as a liberal also. The same can happen with conservative reporters, and there are neutrals, too.

Though reporters are allowed to film and report in a war zone, there are certain rules that they must abide by. If reporters were allowed to air live all the time, then many lies and inaccurate news would make it on television. Reporters are sometimes biased about the enemies of America. They assume that every person from the other nation is evil and violent. The most common bias today is bias against Muslims and their practices. When people see Muslims attack the U.S., they assume that all Muslims do and think the same. When the media backs up this theory, it only makes matters worse, and that’s why most of America lives in fear and Hatred of Muslims. It’s because citizens are fed by stereotypical news reporters.

People trust media, but there isn’t reason to do so. Reporters are free to share any information they want with the world. If Americans are given lies to live on, the citizens of the nation will only grow on what the government and political parties want them to know.

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