HUGS “They deserve it…”

October 31, 2010
What I am about to say is a very big thing. Many people may even hate me and my views after reading this. But today I would like to say one thing, “I don’t care!”
This whole thing started in a dinner when I was out with my family. Everything was going on fine when my eleven year old brother abrupt, “What if I turn out to be a gay mom, when I grow up?
Being the most talkative one, I was the one to give the reply at once, “It’s very much possible!”
And just for saying this much, I was demeaned by my very own parents in front of everyone, and my dad’s high volume got tears rolling down my cheeks. But that is not the point. This is not at all the point that I want to bring in front of the world. The main juncture that I want to highlight is magnanimousness, the humanity as in people’s views on “Homosexuality”.
Here’s a question to all, “Are we even humans? And if we are, do we have the right to judge others?”
Certainly and absolutely not!
First and foremost, I would like to factorize one thing and that is that nobody has control over emotions and feelings. It’s a big fact and nobody can deny it.
People fall in Love, and what they feel is something that everyone expresses in their own ways. But the fact remains that they don’t plan to fall n Love. It just happens.
Keeping the same thing in mind, why can’t we apply the same theory for the homosexuals? Are they not human beings? Don’t they come from their mothers’ wombs?
They are just like everyone else, and just like everyone else, they too have feelings and no control over them and for God’s sake, they fall in Love too!
This is 21st century people! And we have to accept this! And the biggest thing is that there is nothing wrong in this.
This is a humble request to all the gay and lesbian haters please do not proceed further, because you may not acknowledge the facts of today that I will be presenting here.
Though I am straight myself, I fully support the same-sex relationships. And the lowdown that the straights outnumber the homosexuals does not make them evil or unacceptable. And I am sure there are thousands and millions out there of our growing population who are with me on this.
One more chore is that straights are actually increasing the population out there saying that, “This is how it is suppose to be.” I don’t understand how gay and lesbian couples are harming mother Earth by adopting children!
There is something called love. If we have the right to fall in Love, so do they! If they choose to spend their lives with someone, they have every right to do so and one right that nobody has is to stop them from living their own happy lives. I mean you are not the one who pays for their living, do you? Then why do you care?
See, it’s just that I want to make sure that there are and will be enough people beside them. I am one of the millions for sure.
It’s just that they are people too.
And just remember one thing; they have a beating heart too…

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sachpals said...
Nov. 7, 2010 at 2:36 am
its good rija that u r bindhast girl,u have ur own ways to think n talk,but after meeting with u i guess that someone hurt u alot in ur life but i know u wont share it,its klive ur life by ur way,this article is realy good.
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