Cutting the Grass Socialy.

October 30, 2010
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Alright well for you that dont understand what cutting the grass means, pretend you like a girl/boy and then another person that knows you like he/she comes along starts flirting with the person. 99% of the time boys will give up because they look at the things the other boy has. Then girls tend to start fights and the boy just goes for another girl because he see's the girl is too much trouble. Cutting your grass is pretty popular in the teen sensation of today. Most fights now days start because of this scene. HOW DO WE STOP IT ? ask yourself ? maybe not doing. Personally, you have to be the 1% of boys that would think about what you have that the other boy doesnt and the girl that just doesnt give up. Stay strong to yourself and keep trying.

Remember theres over 6 billion people in the world but only one special one you want to share your life with forever.

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