Cat Fight

October 29, 2010
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Did you hear about the mother who drove her 16-year-old child to a fight this is what happened? A mother, April Newcomb was arrested for egging and driving her daughter to a fight, which was over an ex-boyfriend also; dozens of teens circled around and the mom but no one stopped the fight. She deserves to be in jail cause parents are suppose to be role models.
April Newcomb was egging her is my first complaint. It is wrong for a mother to encourage her to a fight. There suppose to be role models and help you be a better person.
My second complaint is April Newcomb driving her daughter to a fight. Her daughter told her before hand and she still drove her to a fight. Parents are suppose to keep their child safe not drive them to a fight.
There were dozens of teens and April Newcomb but no one stop the fight is my third complaint. One teen put it on YouTube but it’s not on there anymore.
The mother went to jail but got a bail. Do you think she’s guilty?

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