April= Is She a Bad Mom?

October 29, 2010
By , Williamsport, PA
April’s problem is that she was accused of child abuse, didn’t stop a fight that her daughter was in, and she might lose her daughter forever.

The first problem is that some people’s parents are like this and this could also help parents realize they could lose their kids and some examples are that encouraging equals abuse to anything wrong. Another example is to fail to report or stop a fight, because that is a reason she lost her daughter and went to jail. Last example is she did nothing to prevent the altercation.

The second problem is that April should have never let them fight, because they would never have a good relationship with anyone again. One example is that it will happen no matter what because she never tried to stop her daughter from the fight. Second example is that at no point does she intervene to stop the fight or the other girl’s mom did too. Last example is that she knew ahead of time, but still didn’t stop it from happening.

The last and most importantly problem is she should not let her daughter go to the fight and she could prevented all this mess before she was going to fight anyway. One example is she could of told her daughter to not go and to not fight. By telling her daughter how fights end and how relationships become bad. Another example is that April could of stop the fight before it started or happened. By telling her that she could have been badly injured. Last example April could of called the police.

And it all adds up to that she will lose her child and not get her back and she shouldn’t have any kids if she will abuse them or encourage them on wrong things that leads to worse things.

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