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October 29, 2010
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About 100 people attended the after school brawl in Palmetto, Florida earlier this year. Despite all of the cheers and jeers, only one thought it was “dumb”/ 1/100th. Imagine if that statistic accurately portrayed the whole world. Would you be one of the 99? I believe the crowd should have been held more accountable.

According to CBS news, only one person was charge. April Newcomb, mother of one of the fighters, had to pay 15,000$. The mother of the other girl in the fight also attended, but was not charged with anything. The difference between the two was that one mother stayed quiet, while the other didn’t. Some may argue that this isn’t fair, but the silent mother gave no reason to be charged as of now.

The reason April was arrested was because of the fights popularity on YouTube. The person who posted it; hoping for some laughs and hits, wasn’t charged at all. People post anything without thinking about the consequences. Meanwhile, the video has since been removed from the site, but not before it has done its damage. Some may argue that you can post whatever you like, but that’s wrong. Kids get their lives ruined by posting the wrong thing online.

Also, I think that the law is too lenient regards fighting, and the people that stand there and don’t step in to stop it. The law is allowing people to be one of the 99 in palmetto. I know girlish fights are normally for good fun, but things can go bad real quickly. In 2001, a boy was beaten to death outside a palmetto grocery store. Nobody stopped it. When do you know the line has been crossed or not? Some may argue that they didn’t know he would die, but come on. The watched him get beaten to death. Not stepping in to stop this fight is basically aiding a murder.

The fight in Palmetto have sparked many debates, and questions their character. It also brings up unfairness of the justice system, Internet severity, and when enough is enough. I am appalled by what happened in palmetto, and I know you are too. We need to make sure that towns like this, and the people in them get help.

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