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October 29, 2010
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I believe in the power of making our communities more nice. They’re a lot of spray paintings and tagging in our neighborhoods( for a example my friend Jonathon has a tagging on his garage). Which I think is not okay. The ages of these kids tagging are 13-17 years old. We need to stop this and make our communities better. If we can do this there won’t be as much violence and murders etc; This is why I believe in the power of stopping taggers.

I believe that every person should get a second chance if they committed a crime. There are a lot of crimes in the U.S and there are a lot of people getting horrible sentences for not that bad crimes that they did. I don’t think you would like it if your relative or friend got a bad punishment for a not that bad crime. So give people second chances for a crime that they committed to make it up!! That’s why I believe in the power of second chances.

I believe in the power of freedom for 17 and kids under... The curfew is pointless I think. All kids don’t even go home by the law time(for a example my friends and some other people tell me that they go to house parties and walk around and they see cops sometimes and they don’t tell them nothing). It should be our to our parents to make our own decisions not other people. So give us the freedom we want and let our parents tell us what to do.

I believe in the power of defending ourselves. There are some people that always pick on others(they won’t leave them alone). Sometimes you have to do stuff that you don’t like doing and that’s fighting back. The only way you should be punished is if your starting a fight but if your defending yourself and sometimes you get in trouble and sometimes that happens. I believe in the power of defending yourself.

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