Life Lessons

October 20, 2010
It’s kind of funny...the little things, you know? How a smile on a face, or the touch of a hand, can change your whole perspective on someone. We all grow up learning to judge quickly, hold on tightly, and love stupidly. So, is it really about that big picture of a happily ever after ending? Or is it solely based on those specific little things? The things that make you laugh, cry, jump, or cringe. The reasons you’re able to hold the power of an “I love you” or carry the ability to fall in love. Generics say love conquers all. So, why do people continue to hate? Why do we shy away from chances of finding our fate? Our sole mate? Because last time I checked, the would “conquer” didn’t mean it was given to you by hand.
FEAR. That’s what holds us back. Not only from love, but from living. But fear is nothing new. It’s a possessive emotion humans obtain, yet it’s our worst enemy. The truth doesn’t lie with what we know, but with what we don’t know. Uncovering, unfolding each layer of life as we go on. And one day, we’ll get there. We’ll figure it out.
As long as we learn to keep the faith.

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