October 25, 2010
By bobmarley917 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
bobmarley917 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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Music is amazing a lot of ways. Music is that noise that gets me pumped up or makes me feel happy. Music keeps me going throughout the whole day even when I'm not listening to it it stays in my head. If I listen to it loud in my room I can still hear that song ringing in my years when I leave my house to do whatever.

Before my basketball games or football games start I turn my favorite song which is a song that was made for Roy Jones Jr., a really good boxer, for him to get pumped up to before his fight. I listen to that song because the whole song is just loud and crazy. Then when I get on the field or court that song keeps playing over and over in my ears. This makes me play way better and can keep me going good the whole game. This makes my coaches happy and me happy.

After the game I was just at I lay on my bed and play that song on my ipod so I can remember the good times of the game. I usually fall asleep when this happens and sometimes,but not all the time, dream about playing basketball or football and doing phenomenal. When I wake up I grab my Ipod and head outside to work on the stuff I’m struggling with in basketball.

You could use music in different ways to like at parties I think it be dull if you didn’t have music playing at all. There is all differant kinds of music to like there is hip hop, rap, jazz, rock and so many others. My personal favorites are usually rap and rock. i like this kinda music because I like the way it sounds and how it makes me feel.
To me music is the most amazing thing in the world because of the cool noises it makes and how many differant styles of music there are. Music I think has changed the world in many differant ways. That is why I think music is amazing.

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on Oct. 28 2010 at 10:17 pm
.LessThanThree., Orient Point, Other
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I agree with you. Music is amazing. I do the same thing as you with music, using it before a big show or sporting event. Without music in the world, it would be bland. Tis music is amazing.


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