Why must we fight?

October 17, 2010
By Trevor Barrow BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
Trevor Barrow BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
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For the last few years, our country has been fighting a war against the Al Qaeda and terrorism. There has been no sign of them surrendering and we continue to fight back. We continue to send in troops and most of them die and never see their families again. Every war that has ever been fought resulted in millions dead and billions of dollars that could have been used for research on diseases, food for the hungry, and shelters for the homeless. Everyone has at least once heard the saying “Violence is never the answer.” So then why do we all insist on killing each other? All killing results in is sadness and anger. If we could find a way to overlook war and just negotiate with each other, we could advance everyone’s technology and create cures for diseases such as AIDS and cancer. Every bomb dropped, every bullet shot, and every grenade thrown causes someone to get injured and send us a little farther back in technology. Just think about it. If that war did not happen, that person could have created environmentally safe and cheap forms of energy to replace the use of fossil fuels. They could have created a space shuttle that could show us unseen and unimaginable places in the large vacuum of darkness that we call outer space. So think about it. You could fight and die for your country, or create technological advances for the world.

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