October 13, 2010
By hmoobyaj0123 BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
hmoobyaj0123 BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
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When you meet the love of your life, do you just let them pass by?

I've had many friends in my life. Ever since I moved to Georgia I've made a whole bunch of new friends. I don't know what it is or what's the reason but, I see my friends changing. Especially the ones who you can get really easily to. My friend [who I won't name] gets heartbroken really fast. He falls for girls and girls tend to break his heart. Us girls sees a guys weakness point and always seem to get to it. We take all their lies as grudges, all of their love as advantages. Us girls are crucial. But,I will say that guys are too. Most likely girls will go and hurt men. Not trying to be racist but, the asian girls are doing this. They are playing with the guys' minds and hearts. When a guy gives us his all we get all gushy and happy. Girls, you never realize that once you get what you want you tend to push it away from you. When they try to get closer you move on to the next. Well, anyways my friend has been broken many times. It comes to the point where he may just want to be single and hate girls forever. I don't like it how girls say guys are the same and guys say girls are the same. Clearly, we all are different. You guys are just putting them into categories so that you can make a goal to forget. Forgetting doesn't mean you should critize. My friend also is changing to a person I'd never thought he'd become. He was a great buddy. One who'll check up on whoever he loves. He didn't smoke nor drank. He was a really good kid. Ever since he hung out with these other people he forgot about us. He forgot about how close we were. He just left us for some other guys he just met. I know I may be selfish but, I really do want him back to the way he was and to the person that all the people in my crew loved. We have his back and now his back is turned to us. I want him to realize that what he doing is wrong. He's hanging out with people I don't trust. I truly hate the people he's now with. When people change there is no way to change them again. Unless, you have their focus and attention. Everyone is unique. I know this but, not everyone should do the same thing by influence. Becoming the person you didn't want to become is making you a failure. You can change to someone better. You are just not helping yourself break that barrier. The barrier is your fears.

The author's comments:
My friend has changed a lot. I know a lot of people have gone through this stage. I just wanted to let my feelings out on how others may feel too.

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