Elephants and Politics Don't Go.

October 12, 2010
By Anonymous

End this nonsense. End politically correct nonsense. I hear the term “African-American” and I say, “No.” I hear the term and I say no, why? Because it's racist, and because it's politically correct.

Since when does it matter if you are politically correct or not? Apparently it does matter. Sorry to point out the elephant in the room but people have different skin colors. Why is it that it is accepted by society to call someone that is white, “white” but not correct to call someone black, “black”. Since when are all black people from Africa, and since when do they all live in America. You don't go to Great Britain and refer to the black people as, “African-American” do you refer to them as “African-British”? Probably not. Black people are black, white people are white it's as simple as that. Don't bother calling them African-American..because not all black people are and when you call them African-American you are being more racist.

Elephants and Politics simply don't go. Politics are all about brainwash, and elephants are all about the obvious that you see. When society brainwashes you into believing that an elephant does not exist than clearly something is wrong. When society makes you believe that there is no physical difference between you and someone of a different race than society has gone too far. I'm not in any means saying that anyone race is any better than another I'm simply saying that when a race is ignored as a physical trait such as hair color, eye color, height, and so on and so forth than society has gone too far. They have made the elephant disappear and we mine as well all dress the same. And after dressing the same than guess what? We will all have the same sense in fashion. Fashion is a form of art, the similarities in art will lead to similarities in all forms of art alike. Including writing, writing is a form of communication, and expression as well. This communication will make us all one. Not a united group of people but rather a united person. We will be controlled by one person, one person full of greed who says what is the “new pink” sadly we will follow because of our own greed to fit in with society. We have to realize the elephants if we don't want to be controlled as one. We have to rise up and say, “The elephant is here! And I will not let it disappear!”

You can choose to be a group of one person or you can choose to be a group of united persons. You can choose to kill the elephant or save the elephant. You can choose to allow the elephant to disappear or to stay in the room, just understand that politics and elephants do not go.

The author's comments:
This piece is not racial at all, it is actually anti-racial. Please do not be offended by the up-front statements.

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