The Darkness

October 9, 2010
By Naerwen BRONZE, Manchester, Tennessee
Naerwen BRONZE, Manchester, Tennessee
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"There is no such thing as a moral or immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. That is all." -Oscar Wilde

With eloquence she smiles and lies,
The weight of the world hidden deep within her eyes.
You mock her, you jeer at her,
All in good fun,
And she laughs with you,
For, “It was just a joke!”
As she turns away, her smile fades away.
And her dreams take leave once more
Into Pain and Darkness.
And even though you cannot see it,
The Pain she feels grows every day.
The Despair.
The Hopelessness.
The Misery.
It paralyzes her.
It slowly eats away at her.
Until one day,
When she may no longer have the strength to fight,
And the Darkness overpowers her.
The tempting, luscious thoughts,
And twisted reasoning…
The bittersweet candy, dangling ever closer…
Might just draw her in…
And she won’t have to lie anymore.

But, even though the Pain is severe,
And the Temptation is near,
She fights and struggles,
With triumphs and remissions.
It's a war within herself,
One you should understand.
The Darkness is an evil force,
Destroyed only by the Light.
And when the Light is blocked by Grey Matter,
The struggle becomes all the more challenging.
We rip and tear,
Demean ourselves.
And we don't need you to make it worse.
So, instead of treating us like scum,
Belittling us and making it worse,
Try a few words of comfort.
"You look nice today!"
Or, ask us about our day.
But don't let us be negative.
Either way,
One small conversation
Could help us decide between the Dark or Light.

The author's comments:
Depression is a serious issue right now, and something I am struggling with a lot. And this is no minor depression. I'm not just sad. Depression is a disease. More needs to be done to treat people with this illness, besides medication. 1 out of 10 Americans are depressed. Very few people know this, and their illness leads to suicide. Bullying and horrible behavior do not help with this at all. The most important treatment we could receive is having a few amazing people who will stick by our sides through anything. I originally wanted to make this a poem, but the words flew out in a different pattern. And, since depression seems to be a popular topic, I want to have this in the "What Matters" section, because we, the Depressed, matter.

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