Capitol Punishment

September 21, 2010
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Capital punishment is not cruel and unusual punishment. I believe that if you can cold heartedly kill someone you deserve death too. Life in prison is still life but behind bars. Throughout time the punishment has gotten more humane, so they say, but as for lethal injections I am all for it. Though I believe that if you kill or rape someone you should be tortured in the same manner that you killed and raped that is inhumane even though them being considered as people too it’s unlawful to do so. The death penalty is something that should stay! Lethal injections are probably a better way to die than the electrical chair but it works and it should stay for good. They are getting off easy with this though because they don't even know what’s going on or can they feel it, so when their heart stops they are already in a state of incoherent and unable to feel what they would feel compare to a death without medicine to prevent the pain that they have given to others. They are getting off easy; they should deal with the consequence and move on. They are having a by far much better death then the one they have caused. They disobeyed the law; therefore this action should be taken. No excuses and no questions asked they don't deserve a life anymore after what they have done. As for the pepople who don't believe in this type of punishment, they should be more considerate towards the people who lost their lifes at the hands of someone who has an inhumane way of life. Why should they be treated any diffrently? They shouldn't! They don't deserve justice, they took someone at their own hands, what justice was there for those people? There wasn't! Why keep them locked up for the rest of their lifes, after jail what kind of life do you have? Even though they are put behind bars they are getting a free ride. Room and board; even though they are being watched twenty four seven they are still here on this planet with a life. Lucky right? They still got a chance, a chance they don't deserve. Theyre deaths will benfit us because there is once less un worthy mouth to feed or worry about killing someone again!

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~Air~ said...
Sept. 26, 2010 at 8:01 pm

I admire you for putting together this article, but I have to say that I disagree with your opinion on the subject. After all, an eye for an eye will only leave the entire world blind. I understand what you're getting at, and you're right: it would only be fair that someone who murders should be murdered as well. But how would that make us any better than them? We did take their life, after all. Does that mean that we should die too, then? Of course not, because this was for justice... (more »)

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