Letter to a Madman, Mastermind, Terrorist, father, leader, and one of the most complex men alive. OS

September 13, 2010
By , DesMoines, IA
What should I say first? What shall I write to you about? I could tell you my name, who I am, that kind of business. But…would that be wise? Considering I am writing a letter to you, Osama Bin Laden?

Why am I doing this? What purpose would a teenager have in writing to the leader of a terrorist organization named Al- Qaida which means “the database”? I suppose the best answer I have is that I am curious.

Why do you do what you do? How can a father kill millions of children? How can a leader lead his followers to do such despicable things? What hatred burns in your soul that you hate the west so?

Do you believe you are following Allah’s will? Lets go back in time. If we were to ask Saladin, who as you know was the leader of the opposition to the Christians in the Crusades, if you were to ask him, are you following Allah’s will, what would he say? Interesting question hmm?

I have a challenge for you Osama. If you are alive, come out of hiding. Prove to the world that you are what you say you are, a follower of Allah, and atone for your crimes against humanity. Turn yourself in to the people you have hurt. Turn yourself in the all the grieving husbands, wives, and children. See what they think. See if you convinced them that when you and yours killed their family members it was the will of Allah.

Why is a teenager so concerned about these things? Simple. I am concerned because you radicalize my generation. You tell them lies, or twisted truths, and turn them against the principles you claim to follow.

I have nothing but contempt for you, contempt and a great sadness. You are an individual who thinks what he is doing is right. How wrong you are.

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dreamchaser said...
Jul. 13, 2012 at 8:24 pm
You say that he's a coward by not showing his actual face and all that... but you're the one who's being the coward who doesn't write thier name at the bottom of the letter. It's not that its rude and we know its for safety reasons, but even a made up ironic or fummy name would give this letter a bit of sarcastic spice.Just saying.  
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