Bullying at school

September 13, 2010
By , shannon, NC
Kids have been bullied every year. It seems like more and more kids are acting depressed and sad. How can you tell if ur friend or family member is depressed or being bullied? 1.diffrence in additude.. they might seem sad or more angry most of the time. 2. Hiding in rooms more often and not wanting to leave the house. 3.harming themselves...If you see someone thats doing this or if your doing it.. tell someone.. Let them know ..Let them help with whats going on. If you dont do it it might lead to death ... Iwas bullied from 6th-8th grade... my mom found a journal in my backpack... I never told anyone what as going on ... and THAT was a mistake.... But now that i have told someone ... i feel alot better.. and you will too... You just have to remember people bully because they think they are bigger than everyone.. but the truth is... there not.. everyone is the same.Everyone is diffrent in their own way and you shouldnt have to go through being bullied .bulling is cruel and NO ONE should do it.

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gal-o-art said...
Mar. 27, 2011 at 1:10 pm
being bullied has changed my life. im more careful on who is and isnt my friend, and who i shouldnt be around
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