Physically Pretty vs. Pretty on the Inside

September 10, 2010
As girls in America today, we all are too busy being physically pretty; no zits or blemishes on our faces, our make up is perfect looking just so that cute guy can check us out, and that we're wearing that perfect daily outfit. While that stuff is important, there's one thing that's equally important or even just a little important: being pretty inside. The one thing we forget as girls is that being pretty outside isn't all that matters. We often forget that if we don't have qualities that others find admirable, the pretty looks don't matter to the people who truly care about you. We should fight for characteristics that people appreciate such as kind, caring, compassionate, sympathetic, and loyal. Be the person you look for in a friend. Would you be friends with you?

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SKSK1214 said...
Sept. 21, 2010 at 12:15 pm
It was a good thought but please try to work on your conventions. The work could be amazing but its hard to get past the missed comma or wrong verb tense.
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