How the Teenage Mind Works

September 3, 2010
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Most parents have a hard time understanding their teenager’s behavior. Curiosity led me to this discovery. It was a Saturday when I worked up the courage to question my mum about her teenage years. She blinked and looked up as though she had a memory lost. She told me she couldn’t really remember. But what she did remember was that during her teenage era, she used to cycle up and down the hill, go fishing, swim in the lake and so on which most probably will bore most 2010 teenagers these days.

Whether you have noticed or not, teenagers in the 21st century don’t go fishing or swim in the lake no more. But what we do are shopping, guy-hunting, spending endless hours completing tough missions in Grand Theft Auto and many more that requires very little outdoor. For that may be the reason why most parents have a hard time trying to understand why us girls like spending their platinum credit card on a couture sundress or spend most of our time sitting in front of the computer Tweeting and Facebooking.

Teenagers are said to be very complicated and we actually are! We tend to think we are simple and just like any average kid but to parents, we can be quite difficult to handle and it is quite hard to understand what goes on in our little head. To them they see us living in our own “La-la Land” as we may be obvious of some situations at time or simply not bothering our parents. (Note: Parents DO NOT like to feel left out in any single tiny bit of detail)

During the early stages of puberty, we will try various things such as a change in our wardrobe, our attitude and behavior and even hairstyles. This is because we have curiosity and of course, we are trying to find ourselves. This is one of the most crucial time for us teenagers.

Over the past 3 years of studying at a Methodist high school, I concluded something. Teenagers are very cautious about their looks and it’s not ironic that they are obvious of their bizarre behavior as adults call it these days.

Every morning as I step in the school grounds, braving myself for another day of boredom, my eyes will scan over to each student as they walk past me. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, they all have one similarity, and which are their hands running over their hairs.
They seem to be so worried if their hairs are messy or out of place. While walking in robot-mode, they carefully groom themselves without the help of mirrors. Definitely trained all right!

Besides all that, most teenagers want to feel secured at not only at school but also the environment itself. To do so they wear the same hairstyle as all the other students. By doing so, they won’t stand out much which will lead to unnecessary attention.

Somehow rather they do look pretty, but every female student tend to look alike. What happened to variety? Perhaps Lady Gaga has taught us to be ourselves, no matter how eccentric or creative you are. We should feel free to try different styles, instead of wrapping ourselves in the same boring hairstyle. It’s a free country after all

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