I Like 'Em Big, I Like 'Em Chunky

September 2, 2010
By bea7girl SILVER, New Hope, Pennsylvania
bea7girl SILVER, New Hope, Pennsylvania
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Concider the artwork created hundreds and thousands of years ago. Look at the pieces of artwork done of the most desirable men and women of the past. Study the sculptures of gods, kings, and peasants. What do you notice? While most people don’t think to say this, the people presented in the artwork are…well…fat. Their arms are thick and pudgy, their faces round and wide, and their torsos don’t quite resemble those of our modern models. Yet, although these men and women were larger than usual (or should I say larger than most people these days), these were some of the most beautiful people alive.

In Nigeria, mainly in the southeastern cross river state, children spend most of their time fattening up. Time is dedicated to eating. And, in most cases, yet not all, young children are force fed. In cultures such as this, “largeness” is a sign of good health, wealth and beauty. A women is not a desirable until she is round, and a man is not strong until he is large.

Why is it then that the current people of western civilization strive to become the opposite? They find skin and bones to be more appealing than a little extra “meat”. Men and women of all ages spend time losing weight and not eating, and waste good money on dieting products and expensive surgeries. Instead of enjoying the food we are given and being grateful for what we have, we dismiss it for a glass of water.

You don’t believe me? Don’t tell me you haven’t decided to get diet coke instead of coca cola. You remember how you skipped out on a fattening McDonalds burger out of worry, and instead ordered a delicious cardboard flavored salad? You know you skipped breakfast because you felt your pants getting tighter. Some way or other you, yes you, have gotten yourself sucked into societies unhealthy custom. Whether you be a vegetarian, carnivore, or vegan, you have let the media lure you into buying the sugar free drink at the pharmacy, the “lean” meat at the grocery store, or the reduced fat blueberry muffin at Wawa. You have spent time chewing on a piece of gum instead of enjoying a delicious cookie.

So turn off the tv, close the magazine, take off those headphones. Read up on the past. See what is going on in the world around you. Go to museums. Look at artwork done by geniuses such as Edouard Manet and Van Gogh. Read old poetry and old stories. Go out to dinner with your family. Enjoy real, good food. Ask for seconds. And while your at it grab yourself a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. You know you want it.

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