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September 1, 2010
By AK16,SunshineBradford BRONZE, Philly, Pennsylvania
AK16,SunshineBradford BRONZE, Philly, Pennsylvania
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I stood in my bathroom, i took a deep berath and got on the scale. it didnt give me a number it just said fat, huge, ugly. i laughed to my self and got off. i turned and looked in the mirror and all i could think was that i wasnt pretty enough. i was short and dark skined not very smart and very clumsy. i wanted to be pretty to be loved and careed for like all the other girls. but i knew i wasnt like all the other girls. i didnt claim barbie i didnt claim beauty. i didnt have to because i knw who i was inside. different.

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i never relized how much other people images can make you feel bad about your self. it took me a long time to realize that beauty is skinn deep and that i dont need to look like everyone else to be pertty.

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